The perfect FIT for your shoppers and your business.

True Fit decodes size and fit for your shoppers to grow your brand, increase conversion, reduce returns and drive loyalty.

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FIT for your business.

Track performance
On-demand analytics dashboards help you track performance and shopper behavior.
Access advanced first party insights
Identify and learn about your high value shoppers from their demographics to how they shop across brands and categories.
Retain your most valuable audience
Convert and retain high value traffic and customers with first-party True Fit shopper data directly to your CDP and marketing activation partners.
Grow globally
Don’t let international size systems constrain your business. Expand your brand in new markets. True Fit supports sizing and languages in more than 45 countries!
Launch new categories
Launch or grow new categories with True Fit, giving your shoppers the confidence to try new fits and find their size the first time.
Be FIT focused
Access fit benchmarking tools to improve sell-through, profitability and most importantly, to grow loyalty. A great fit transcends to loyalty and advocacy.

Trusted by brands, loved by shoppers.

"Love this app. Installation was so easy and they were on hand to guide us through the process, although it wasn't needed. We are one week in and already seeing positive results. Thank you!"
Forever New

"Incredible streamlined experience. We were users of the traditional custom platform - which was also a relatively easy implementation, but the plug and play nature of the True Fit Shopify app was fantastic. This model and price point perfectly fits are needs and also has some additional plug-ins that will continue to dramatically improve our already shrinking return rates. Big thanks to True Fit for this innovative solution!"

"We know from the data that finding the right fit drives consumer loyalty and increases customer conversion. We chose True Fit because consumers have a trust level with the brand. It gives them confidence during the buying process as sizing can often seem complicated in the virtual world."

Grow with True Fit.

True Fit is designed to grow with our retail partners. Our pricing and feature packages cover a breadth of solutions from on-site fit experiences to advanced insights and data integrations. Try True Fit in Shopify.
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