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Feature Benefits

Our AI translates shoppers' buying patterns into easy-to-understand size and fit recommendations.
Your brand + our AI = fit magic for your shoppers.

Universal Guidance
Boost conversion via zero-click directional size guidance for shoppers who just want to know how an item runs.
1:1 Recommendations
Create confidence to convert with size recommendations personalized for individual shoppers.
Category Coverage
Reduce returns with recommendations across the broadest array of footwear and retail categories, including men’s, women's, kids, unisex (kids/shoes), tops, bottoms, dresses, swim, intimates, and shoes.
Grow Globally
Go global! Expand your brand into new markets. True Fit supports sizing and languages in more than 45 countries.
Shop For Others
Make checkout a breeze via size recommendations for everyone on your shopper’s list.
Configuration Options
Visually integrate True Fit into your brand and PDP with font and color configuration options (+$5 per month)
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Business Benefits

For over a decade, True Fit has helped hundreds of global retailers provide an incredible fit experience for millions of shoppers, resulting in strong business performance for our retail partners.

Increase Conversion
When we remove fit-friction, conversion soars. Brands using True Fit see a 2% average increase in conversion vs. control.
Reduce Returns
True Fit gets your shoppers in their best fit the first time. Brands using True Fit see up to a 40% reduction in size bracketing returns.
Drive Loyalty
Shoppers buy more when they're confident in the fit. Brands using True Fit see a 4.5% average increase in site-wide revenue per shopper vs. control.

AI Powered by the Fashion Genome.

True Fit's cross market dataset produces the highest quality fit experience for your shoppers.
Plug fashion’s largest dataset into your PDP today and get started.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your AI work?
For what categories does True Fit provide recommendations?
How long will it take to have True Fit make a recommendation on every applicable PDP?
Where can I demo True Fit and learn about the user experience?
What does the True Fit for Shopify implementation look like?
How long does it take to implement?
Do I need a back-end Developer?
Is there a best practice setup or placement for the True Fit widget on the PDP? 
How will I be billed?
How do I pick a plan when my orders vary widely month-to-month? 
What happens if I go over the plan orders?
Will my plan change automatically?
How can I add optional feature packages?
What are your support hours?
Who should I contact if I need help?
I already know a certain style runs large, small, etc. What’s the best way for me to get that information into the algorithm/recommendation?
How do I access my results with True Fit?
"This is the smoothest and fastest app integration I've ever done. We were able to get up and running quickly to be ready for Black Friday. We wish all tech partners made it this easy."
Ecommerce Director, The Frye Company
"By partnering with True Fit, we not only unlock recommendations based on millions of datapoints to improve fit assurance and enhance customer experience, but we’re confident that this will reduce returns, helping us operate more sustainably – one of our core brand values - by removing some reverse logistics emissions."
Sue Butterworth, Head of Technical and Compliance, Lucy & Yak
“We know from the data that finding the right fit drives consumer loyalty and increases customer conversion. We chose True Fit because consumers have a trust level with the brand.”
NJ Falk, Managing Director, APL

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True Fit is designed to grow with our retail partners. Our pricing and feature packages cover a breadth of solutions from on-site fit experiences to advanced insights and data integrations. Try True Fit in Shopify.
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