True Fit Partners with Passage AI for Conversational Interfaces and Integration


December 1, 2020

Retailers looking to provide personalization are turning to human-like conversational interfaces and services to deliver 1-to-1 shopping assistance. Chatbots are a cost effective way to engage with consumers on-site, via messenger apps, and in the call center. In fact, approximately 44% of US consumers want chatbots over humans for customer relations, with the primary reason being to save time. The key is the ability to build these experiences with speed and simplicity, and solutions like Passage AI provide the platform for retailers to do so.


Through the partnership, Passage AI is able to leverage intelligence about the shopper and bring a human-like experience through natural language to an automated bot. The integrated conversational interfaces by Passage AI are infused with True Fit data to create seamless style, size, and fit recommendations to shoppers, through the use of chat. The recommendation platform also provides consumers with personalized suggestions for additional brands and color options that appeal to their unique preferences.

"Passage AI is very excited to partner with True Fit in creating a tailored interaction for consumers to fit their shopping experience."

- Jonathan Taylor, VP of Global Sales and Business Development

This partnership enables shoppers to receive consistent, personalized shopping experiences from anywhere they interact with a brand. The chatbot helps recreate the 1-to-1 interactions that make traditional brick-and-mortar shopping so personal. With the latest Apple Business Chat integration, shoppers can simply scan a QR code to look up a product and receive assistance in choosing the best style, size, and fit as well as the option to purchase products directly through the chatbot service with Apple Pay. 

True Fit’s True Partner Program launched last year to broaden the ecosystem of technology partnerships that infuse data and intelligence from True Fit’s Fashion Genome. These partnerships take form across various channels  for retailers to ensure a fully comprehensive shopping experience in store and online. With more than 30 partners and growing, True Fit is working with our True Partners to power highly personalized, one-to-one experiences that will improve customer loyalty, life-time value, and confidence for the customer. 

Learn more about True Fit’s partnership with Passage AI in this demo video presented by Passage AI’s VP of Global Sales and Business Development, Jonathan Taylor.

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