A Retail How To: Contextual, Relevant, and Personalized Email


November 19, 2020

Email marketing is the retail industry’s go-to for communicating and building relationships with its customers. In fact, eighty percent of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of shopper retention. While it’s relatively easy to target the majority of your target shoppers through email marketing, it’s a lot harder to make those messages relevant and contextual for each individual shopper. 

About 3 in 5 shoppers check their email on the go (mobile) and 75% of shoppers say they use their smartphones most often to check email, meaning that if the subject line doesn’t stand out from the bunch it’s likely to be ignored. So, how are leading retailers standing out in an age where shoppers are bombarded with messages and advertisements?

Data-Driven Email Marketing

In order to power truly one-to-one messages, leading retailers can tap into shopper data to gain a comprehensive overview of shopper behaviors and personal preferences. Shopper data helps retailers determine which products are likely to appeal to the individual they are targeting with email marketing.

As a result, email strategies shift from one-to-many to truly one-to-one with individualized messages and offers. Retailers can be confident that each shopper receives a personally curated set of style recommendations based on unique style, size and fit preferences.

This shifts the messaging from generalized subject lines and content to more personal and specific offerings. In turn, customer loyalty improves as shoppers feel that their favorite brands take their individual preferences into account and curate the best possible products for that individual. Additionally, revenue is 5.7x higher on average for emails that employ personalization.

In the digital age, it’s increasingly difficult to get a shopper’s attention, and hold it long enough to move them through the shopping journey. Retailers who shift their email marketing messaging to reflect the shopper’s preferences, are most likely to satisfy the shopper’s needs by populating relevant messages.

Want to learn more about personalized marketing? Check out this demo video with our technology partner, Zaius.