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Be Confident, Be Bold – Be True to You and Your Style

What is self-confidence when it comes to style? It's certainly not black and white like this season's top trend. Instead, it’s about feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear. It’s also about how you embrace your personal style and define it. That’s because the more connected you are to your personal style the more confident you’ll feel. While confidence is the ultimate goal in getting your style just right, there’s more to the picture. Build a wardrobe that works for you: your body type, coloring, lifestyle and personal taste. From there, a confidence-boost is inevitable. Here are some tips to keep in mind to improve self-confidence in the way you dress:

  1. Know what clothes to wear and how to wear them. Each person has a different silhouette with their own set of fashion, flattery and style guidelines. Knowing your body proportions helps you understand how to camouflage problem areas or accentuate your best features. Fit is especially important here because if you’re petite or plus size, certain styles can overwhelm your body, making you look even smaller or frumpy. Check out this guide to styling for your shape. 
  2. Know which colors suit you and how to use them. Everyone is different, and hair, skin and even eye color change constantly in the play of light. Regardless of what the trendy colors are, there are some shades that are always going to look good on you and some that won't. It’s important to understand what your dominant colors are, that way when you wear them you look more in control and more confident. Try out this color analysis today.
  3. Know your personal style and how to let it shine. It’s easy to get caught up in the trend of the week. But now’s the time to shift your attention to your interests, likes, inspirations, etc. Part of the key to becoming a fashionista – price tags aside – is developing a style that caters to you; your age, your occupation, your lifestyle. Finding your personal style may take a little work as you explore your options. But here’s a quick list of things to help you cultivate what works best for you.

At the end of the day, a person with confidence always looks great. You don’t need to hide behind clothes or try to disguise yourself with a style that isn’t you. Consider the steps above to achieve a great style. And if you need help while shopping online, turn to True Fit at your favorite retailers and brands to deliver simple, high-confidence fit ratings and size recommendations to discover new styles that fit and flatter, and are sure to make you feel fabulous each and every day.