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How True Fit's Collaboration with Google Cloud is Unlocking Retailer Growth

True Fit's collaboration with Google Cloud featured in Google's 'Built with BigQuery' series on how data is inspiring retail growth.

True Fit is collaborating with Google Cloud to leverage BigQuery, a fully managed cloud-based data warehousing solution and Analytics Hub, a service within BigQuery that simplifies how data is served, to deliver more actionable insights to our retail partners.  This powers enhanced personalization, making it even easier for brands and retailers to leverage True Fit's Fashion Genome to bring personalization to customer buying journeys.

Read the full Press Release Here


Recently, True Fit was featured in Google’s‘ Built with BigQuery’ series highlighting the work and collaboration our teams are facilitating to change the way people shop for apparel and footwear, fueling growth for retailers and brands.

True Fit CTO Raj Chandrasekaran explains: “Optimising how data is served and powering more actionable insights through our Google Cloud integration means our retail partners can deliver great shopping experiences, higher conversion, and ultimately greater revenue. Our ability to process volumes of data and exchange data easily with our customers have been propelled forward by collaborating with BigQuery and Analytics Hub." 

raj_interview"Our ability to process volumes of data, adapt our core machine learning models, reduce complex and slower ecosystems and exchange data easily with our customers have been propelled multi-fold via BigQuery and Analytics Hub.”

- Raj Chandrasekaran   |  CTO at True Fit

BigQuery is a fully managed, serverless and limitless scale data warehousing solution with tighter integration with several Google Cloud products. Analytics Hub, powered by BigQuery, allows easy creation of data exchanges for producers and simplifies the discovery and consumption of the data for consumers. Data shared via the exchanges can further be enriched with more datasets available in the Analytics Hub marketplace.

Carrie_Tharp_Headshot_update"Now that True Fit's Fashion Genome is more deeply integrated with Google Cloud, retailers can apply our technology to their most critical data sets to unlock new business value and create more personalized buying experiences for consumers."

- Carrie Tharp   |  Vice President, Retail at Google

Leveraging BigQuery enables True Fit to compile data packages for our retail partners in real time.  The article details how this allows True Fit's retail partners to personalize their campaigns:

  • Find the True Fit shoppers of a desired category near real-time who've been browsing extra specific products in the last couple weeks
  • Enhance their understanding of their shopper demographic data and category affinities
  • Retrieve size and fit recommendations for specific in-stock products for a provided set of shoppers or have True Fit determine what the ideal set of shoppers for those products would be
  • Match their in-stock, limited run styles and sizes to applicable True Fit shoppers
  • Enhance emails and on-site triggers based on products the shopper has recently viewed or purchased across the True Fit network
Read the full article featuring True Fit's Sr. Software Architect, Shaun Haerinck here

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