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Sustainable Fashion and Enhanced Experiences: Peruvian Connection Partners with True Fit

In the era of ecommerce, many boutique retailers are expanding their reach in order to keep up with the constantly-evolving consumer. With two-day shipping and consumers expecting instant gratification, many retailers and brands struggle to maintain sustainable practices.

One brand working to meet consumers needs without compromising sustainability is Peruvian Connection. The brand has worked the last 40 years to offer luxury goods to the masses, while maintaining the values at its core to offer high-quality products that are designed in collaboration with Peruvian knitters and produced in safe working conditions.

About the Brand

Peruvian Connection was founded in 1976 by Annie Hurlbut Zander, while she was researching Anthropology in Peru. The brand is known for their renowned collections of women's apparel made from the fibers of alpaca and pima cotton.

All products sold by Peruvian Connection are handmade by artisans in Peru. In recent years, many larger corporations have worked to break into the market due to the rising appeal of alpaca fiber. Zander has maintained a sustainable practice that is not tainted by the convenience of mass production. In doing so, the brand has become a hybrid of sustainable, luxury retail.

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Digital Expansion

Peruvian Connection started as a mail-order catalog, but has since expanded to brick-and-mortar retail stores and an ecommerce site that makes up 70% of its sales in the United States. With the rise of its ecommerce business, Peruvian Connection was looking for a way to optimize the online shopping experience.

Peruvian Connection partnered with True Fit to enhance their consumer shopping experience across all touchpoints. By implementing a self-service size and style platform, Peruvian Connection shoppers can find their best-fitting items instantly, at any time and anywhere. 

Since partnering with True Fit, Peruvian Connection has seen positive results, with True Fit users checking out 3X more often than non-True Fit users; 9.5% of visitors click on the True Fit size widget, which indicates many shoppers are looking for size and fit advice when shopping on Peruvian Connection PDPs. Additionally, 26.7% of all the True Fit Users at Peruvian Connection are traveling users, meaning they are recognized as existing True Fit users and immediately receive recommendations when shopping at Peruvian Connection. 

Now, consumers can shop for luxurious clothing with added confidence and ease whenever they shop at Peruvian Connection using True Fit. 

Find your True Fit in luxurious, artisan-inspired day-to-night

looks today at Peruvian Connection.