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Video: How to Get Fitted Instantly



It’s simple: start with something you know. Visit your favorite store online and find that perfect dress and those stellar shoes you’ve been pining over. Instantly, you’ll see personal True Fit recommendations for each style. You’re probably wondering: “If I can’t even tell if the item will fit and flatter my body type, how does True Fit know?” The answer is in the data. An expansive collection of apparel, footwear and consumer fit data that does all of the work for you, actually.

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Not to mention, True Fit is a learning engine that logs information on your past purchases with that retailer in order to suggest the best size in the items you’re viewing now. If you like what you’re seeing and crave even more personalization and insight, you can set up your True Fit profile which will travel with you from retailer to retailer. Think things like an overall fit rating, or fit details that show how any item will fit each key area of your body shape.

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Before you know it, not only will you be able to receive size recommendations, but also suggestions on the color and textiles that are right for you – the first time. Remember: the more you shop on a site that deploys the True Fit technology, the smarter it gets – and the more confident you get. The future is now, and if you want to feel confident you need to learn to shop with confidence.   Shop online today with any of True Fit’s brand or retail partners.  Congratulations, you’re on your way to a better you.