True Fit + Land’s End EU

Land’s End EU generates over 5% incremental revenue lift with True Fit

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This case study will cover:

How the success of True Fit’s partnership with Land’s End US led to an expansion to their European business

The challenges that Land’s End faced with unique country size systems as they expanded their business in Europe

How True Fit’s AI-powered fit guidance led to customer confidence and drove sitewide conversion 52% YOY

“We’re seeing customer adoption of True Fit grow across Europe,particularly in the U.K. and Germany, and are pleased to know we’re able to learn more about each customer even beyond Lands’ End while each customer has an increasingly positive brand experience with us. True Fit has been extremely beneficial in helping us grow our footprint throughout Europe, from increasing the number of shopper sessions to providing more than a 5% lift to incremental revenue. The partnership helps us listen and respond to customer demands as we expand and evolve our digital strategy.”

Director of eCommerce and Customer Experience
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