Five reasons your PDP needs AI size guidance to convert more shoppers

No two bodies are alike. Learn how AI can help you deliver preference-based, personalized size advice for every shopper.

February 15, 2024

Ratings and reviews have an incredible impact on customer conversion because of the trust they build with shoppers visiting the product detail page. Consumer to consumer interaction builds community and allows shoppers to read qualitative feedback on an item based on a singular shopper’s opinion and interaction with that item. Ratings and reviews help inform buyer decisions around quality, comfort, performance and value. The feedback is also incredibly powerful for brands to inform direction for future collections. 

When it comes to fit and sizing, it can be risky to use ratings and reviews alone to provide overall size and fit guidance. Fit is so subjective and every shopper has a different body shape and preferences. Let’s outline five reasons your PDP needs AI size and fit guidance to give your shoppers the confidence to convert.

Your shoppers don’t feel represented in the reviews that address size and fit.

Reviews can be really helpful for attributes like quality, comfort and shipping speed but size and fit are so personal and emotional for each shopper that they often look for attributes that match how they see themselves. Are there reviews from shoppers that have a similar height? Weight? Inseam or body shape? Are there images that reviewers post of themselves wearing the clothing or shoes? Do the UGC images inspire new shoppers to buy the product? If the reviews for the product don’t represent the shopper and give them confidence about what size to buy, they may hesitate to convert.

AI size recommendations allow shoppers to share fit preferences and body details that tailor a personalized recommendation for them. True Fit allows that shopper to save their profile so they can shop across different styles and categories and continue to get personalized fit recommendations as they browse.

You have conflicting points of view in your reviews about sizing.

How many times have you scrolled through reviews where one person suggested to size up and another person suggested to size down? This conflicting advice can result in shoppers deciding not to buy. Conflicting points of view on sizing results because sizing is so subjective. Everyone has a different body shape. Every garment and shoe has a different design and fit intent and on top of that, everyone has different preferences for how they ultimately wear their clothes and shoes.

Reviews allow shoppers to get qualitative and detailed feedback about size and fit if they read through them but most shoppers want a definitive size recommendation as they skim these reviews. AI size recommendations deliver a specific and personalized size and fit recommendation to the shopper, reducing friction to buy.

Above are three different reviews of the same dress. All women have the same weight range and general height but each of them bought differently. Fit is too subjective for reviews to give shoppers confidence to choose the right size.

There are exponentially more sales than reviews especially for new collections.

If you are growing your apparel or footwear business, you know that launching new ranges and products begins with zero reviews. And even for the products that have many reviews, there are still exponentially more sales than reviews on any given product. Below is an example where 30% of the products on a website have no reviews or guidance based on one review.

Leveraging AI to produce size and fit recommendations for your shoppers means that all your categories and styles (new and legacy) will have accurate size guidance because behind the recommendations is the connection of sales, returns, customer body information, customer preferences and unique product data.

There will always be exponentially more sales than ratings and reviews. Leveraging AI to produce fit guidance accounts for every sale of a product and connects returns, customer body information, customer preferences and unique product data to deliver an unbiased, accurate size recommendation.

Reviews are below the fold.

Shoppers visiting a PDP on your website may scroll down to the bottom of the page to read reviews if their intent to purchase at that moment is high. They might filter reviews to see if they can find shoppers like them or details about what size to buy, but for passive traffic, it is important to give them sizing details above the fold where they are viewing that product for the first time.

AI size recommendations are critically placed above the fold where the shopper selects which size to buy, converting more traffic with clear and accurate size and fit guidance above the fold on the PDP.

You just launched your brand digitally.

You just launched your store and your brands. You have merchandised each product detail page meticulously and you have begun running digital advertising to build awareness and grow a new customer file. You are getting visitors to your PDPs but they are not converting and the traffic acquisition is expensive. Your shoppers need to feel confident about picking the right size for them particularly as they learn about your brands and at this point, you might be still building your UGC and reviews strategy. From garment construction and fit intent to fabric and size conversion, there is so much hesitation built into size and fit. You have to give your shoppers fit guidance right away that builds their confidence.

More importantly, for the shoppers that do convert, it is your goal to get them to revisit and if it fits, they are much more likely to revisit and even tell other people about their experience with your brand(s). AI size and fit recommendations allow new brands to get the first fit experience right with their shoppers and turn traffic into a growing and loyal customer base.


Quality and craftsmanship are synonymous with a great fitting garment or shoe. AI size and fit recommendations unlock digital growth for brands that want to deliver a quality experience, craftsmanship and innovation to every customer. Reviews play an important role in generating customer feedback, helping shoppers evaluate and learn more about a product or brand and building trust. Today, the apparel and footwear industry is digitally constrained by size and fit and the complexities of connecting shoppers with products that fit them means delivering specific, simple and accurate size and fit recommendations with AI.

Give every shopper size and fit guidance with AI. True Fit has been powering its fit recommendations with AI for over a decade to connect shoppers with their best fit. Learn more from one of our fit experts today.