How to pick the right size online for you and everyone on your list

April 20, 2024

Finding the right size online can be daunting. Sizing isn’t standardized. Bodies are all different. Preferences are different. Digital shopping has connected shoppers to tens of thousands of brands globally but it has only made buying the right size and getting the perfect fit more difficult to discern. How can shoppers unlock the fun in shopping digitally? How can every shopper buy the right size for themselves, children and everyone on their shopping list? True Fit has invented the leading approach to size and fit guidance that fits every shopper’s needs.

Product Fit Guidance

Not every shopper wants personalized size and fit recommendations. Sometimes they just want a signal for how a product is running. Are people sizing up or down? True Fit provides zero click fit guidance based on how shoppers are buying and sizing in a specific product. Each sale of the product is building more intelligence into True Fit’s product fit guidance to shoppers visiting the PDP. This feature is a strong signal of social proof when new styles have no reviews yet and allows True Fit to help 100% of shoppers that visit the PDP. Learn how True Fit’s sliding scale of personalization works.

Personalized Fit Recommendations

Many shoppers want personalized fit recommendations based on what they already love to wear and their body shape - particularly in a new category, silhouette or brand. True Fit’s 30 second registration asks shoppers basic demographic questions and then asks them about their favorite fitting clothing and footwear in their closets. This helps True Fit understand the shopper’s fit preferences. With this information, shoppers can save their profile and get automatic size and fit guidance across styles, categories, brands and other retailers. It is a traveling shopping companion that brings confidence to shoppers wherever they shop!

Shopping for others

Shop for Others makes shopping easier for those who already purchase apparel and footwear for other people in their lives and finally gives those who don’t usually buy clothes and shoes for others the confidence to do so. Shoppers who register for True Fit can create and name sub profiles for other people as they shop so they can give the perfect fit to whoever is on their list. For more information about True Fit’s ‘shop for others’ feature, visit our shop for others blog.

Shop for kids

Children are constantly growing so it can be really challenging to buy the right size for them. True Fit’s ‘shop for others’ feature also includes children to make holidays and back-to-school shopping a breeze. Shoppers registering children for True Fit share the age of the child and the best fitting clothing or footwear in their closet to get personalized recommendations. To learn more about shopping for kids, visit this video.

Finding the perfect fit should meet every shopper where they need the most help. True Fit designed the sliding scale of personalization to provide fit guidance for every shopper no matter where they are in their shopping journey. From zero clicks all the way to full personalization, every shopper deserves to find what fits. Shop True Fit enabled retailers here and to stay informed on where and how to shop with True Fit, follow True Fit’s instagram.