Reduce Size, Style, and Fit Hesitancy with Auto Size Select


December 1, 2020

Choosing the best size is often one of the greatest hurdles consumers need to overcome when shopping online. If a consumer is unsure of what size will best match their preferences, then the likelihood they will abandon cart, size sample, or have to return an item is high. So, how can you increase consumer confidence and decrease the amount of time it takes from them to choose the best size?

With auto size select, the best size based on the consumer’s preference is automatically selected and added to their bag. This integration increases consumer confidence and helps guide them to a faster check out, since the size that will fit them best is automatically selected for them.


How Auto Size Select Works

Once implemented, auto size select will automatically highlight a known True Fit consumer’s size when they land on a product detail page so they do not have to think about what size is best for their unique preferences. This feature works for True Fit consumers who are recognized by the retailer and consumers who are instant profile holders. 


Auto size select increases consumer confidence when shopping online because retailers with auto size select enabled are reducing the amount of time it takes for the consumer to find the best size and proceed to check out.