The Shop for Others Gift Guide: For Fashioning Fitness

True Fit's holiday guide for digitally shopping athletic wear and sneakers. Using our virtual fit technology to gift the perfect size and fit.

December 15, 2022

The casualization of fashion has been gradually taking place over the last decade but was certainly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. True Fit saw this across our dataset of 80 million active shoppers and hundreds of global retailers with sweats and athleisure outpacing tailored clothing exponentially during lockdown periods

What has changed for shoppers? Certainly, many shoppers are not being asked to return to an office with remote work culture on the rise. Even prior to this shift, consumers were styling track pants with button downs and yoga pants with sweaters for their in-office looks.


And what has changed for brands? Brands are investing in the development of technical fabrics that have stretch, wash well, are versatile and are also wrinkle resistant that can be worn to the office, the gym and even to dinner (maybe with a wash between the gym and dinner). Take Lululemon’s  ABC Pant which was designed and inspired by five pocket jeans for men. Lululemon also makes a Commission Pant inspired by flat front trousers. And we are working with many brands who are expanding into categories that blur the lines between daywear and gymwear. So what should you get for the fashion and fitness focused on your list this year? We rounded up our favorite fits for you on the blog. Find their size with True Fit!


|  For the Tennis Pro 

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  | For an Office to Gym Look 

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|  For Lounging in Style

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  |  For Style in Full Swing


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|  For Kicking 2023 off

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