The Very Group Implements Size Technology Solution with True Fit

True Fit partners with The Very Group to provide true fit guidance, implementing size recommendation solution to their digital shopping experience.

June 27, 2022

"A simple and easy-to-use tool to give our shoppers confidence that product across fashion and sports will fit them,” is how Chris Stebbings, Lead Product Manager of The Very Group describes their future experience, empowering shoppers with the help of True Fit. 


The Very Group, which is the home to, and, has a passion for making good things easily accessible to more people so they can live life well. With our new partnership, The Very Group is confident that using AI-powered machine learning and individual preferences will enable shoppers to seamlessly choose the right size with True Fit.

As a “digital business, we combine amazing brands and products with unique, flexible payment options. And we’ve been doing it for over a moving from catalogues to bricks to pureplay online retail, consistently reinventing the way our 4.8 million customers shop and our people work to help them get the most out of life every day,” they state on their website

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To celebrate our launch, True Fit has asked four employees to tell us what they are shopping for to round out their summer wardrobes. From boardshorts to wedges, The Very Group’s new shopping experience allows you to enjoy your shopping mission to get only what you love.



Managing Director EMEA:

Wedding season and garden parties are back with a vengeance this year and I'm going all out.  Having spent the past two years either at my desk or trying to get some exercise, I know my body shape has changed over the past two years.  But I was able to find my size effortlessly with True Fit and the only thing to think about is what to buy next?


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Customer Success Director EMEA

You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of espadrille wedges! From a summer wedding in the South of France, to an Aperol Spritz after work, these shoes will go with just about everything in my summer wardrobe. After spending most of the past two years working from home in my trainers, I need some guidance with getting the right size and True Fit makes it so easy. I can't wait for those sunny days! 


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Head of Customer Success EMEA:

With summer holidays firmly back on the radar, I'm looking to refresh my suitcase with some good quality swim shorts.  I've never purchased Barbour before, so I am looking forward to using True Fit at to help me find my perfect size in these Barbour Large Logo Swim Shorts for my next trip to the beach!


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Content Marketing Manager:

Surfing season is right around the corner. A wetsuit may appear to be the most necessary garment to accompany your board, but equally as important is what you put on after getting out of the water to help your body recover. After riding some waves, I always look for the perfect lightweight sweatshirt to throw on. The Recycled City Hoodie by Superdry Studios is a unique combination of style and comfort. It has a blanket feel with the recycled cotton and the polyester blend allows for it to be resistant. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s my favorite shade of olive green. I fluctuate between sizes, True Fit helped guide me that the M/L was the size for me here, to allow for a looser fit. 


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