True Fit Surpasses 75 Million Registered Users


November 19, 2020

As more fashion retailers invest in helping their customers find clothes they will love—and most importantly keep— True Fit is able to help facilitate the process to ensure both customers and retailers have positive e-commerce experiences. True Fit enables personalization throughout every touchpoint of the customer journey, from search ads, and retargeting, emails, to in-store experiences, curated catalogs, and product recommendations. By showing individual consumers the best items featuring the right style, the right fit and the right size True Fit enables consumer to shop True to You.   

True Fit’s unique understanding of customer preferences is leveraged to bridge some of the major communication gaps between shoppers and retailers. When shopping, focusing on just size is insufficient in providing customers with a true one-to-one experience. Optimizing an experience for consumers by decoding each person’s unique style, fit, size for every piece of clothing and every shoe is much more important when it comes to ensuring that the fashions purchased online will meet consumer needs.

The array of customers that True Fit is assisting is vastly expanding as well. More brands are buying into the True Fit Kids extension of our services. The same apparel and footwear fit technology is now available at Asics and DSW’s Kid’s departments—just in time for back to school!

We recently launched a Partner Program as well, to increase our alliances with brands and software solution companies alike. These newest innovations and increased customer registrations have helped True Fit leverage itself as the largest data collection in the world! We are very excited about our newest endeavors and can’t wait to continue our success in making shopping more personal and enjoyable for both retailers and shoppers.

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