True Fit Welcomes Sarah Curran-Usher as Managing Director of EMEA


December 3, 2020

True Fit is thrilled to announce the addition of Sarah Curran-Usher as Managing Director, EMEA. Sarah Curran-Usher has spent a remarkable career in the fashion retail industry thus far and will help True Fit continue to expand throughout Europe and the UK. 


In 2006, Curran-Usher - anticipating rapid growth of the online fashion industry - founded, offering ‘everyday luxury’. During her time as CEO, she grew the business globally with over 100 team members and won more than 15 industry awards. In 2013, Curran-Usher joined Shop Direct (SD) as Luxury Director, to help drive the elevation of the Fashion and Accessories brands. In 2015, as Managing Director, she launched’s premium platform, Very Exclusive. She also sits as a Board Non-Executive Director, specialising in digital, for French Connection Plc.

So what drew her to True Fit? 
"I started working with TF as a retail advisor into the U.K. at the start of 2020. There is a unique culture with a passionate team. This is what made me feel this was a business like no other and when the opportunity arose to join the team as MD, as I’ve said before, they had me at hello."

"Today, the customer is the disruptor."

- Sarah Curran-Usher

"Having worked in the digital retail sector for over 15 years I understood the challenges ahead with regards to the importance of data and customer insight, but also in understanding the true operational cost of returns and customer acquisition. In the early 2000’s e-commerce disrupted the traditional retail industry. Today the customer is the disruptor. I am passionate about ensuring strong loyalty and retention, but also about driving efficiency in operational and supply chain functions. True Fit had everything in the product suite to ensure brands and retailers could align decision making to drive profitability but also a very happy customer. Which ultimately is what we are all here for. Fashion is there to make customers feel great, we haven’t been aligned to that purpose for some time. I’m incredibly excited about the future." 

Speaking of the future and given that retailers are working overtime to execute years worth of digital strategies in months, Curran-Usher shares her take on the future of fashion. 

"We are in the new normal. Retailers and brands must understand that the way they did business before is no longer fit for purpose. Customers have high expectations, and any poor experience risks losing that customer. Customer centric has been a buzzword for sometime. Now it’s time to actually put that into action. This is progress and the natural evolution of the industry.  I’m incredibly excited and optimistic, but it’s not to say it will be easy. Businesses must become agile."

After spending her career in fashion, how does Curran-Usher describe her style?

"My style has stayed consistent for some time. It’s classic, but with a twist. I’ve never been hugely comfortable trying to wear trend.  I’ve never felt authentic.  Plus black is always my go colour, it’s a French thing. Find what makes you feel confident and go from there. There are no rules if you start from that point." 

Welcome Sarah, we are so excited to have you on board!

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