True One-to-One Personalization


November 11, 2020

When it comes to empowering today’s digitally driven consumer, confidence is everything. However, the number one reason consumers are not confident when making apparel and footwear purchases online is because of uncertainties around fit and size. So, how can retailers reassure their online shoppers that what they’re buying is something they’ll love and keep? By personalizing the experience.


True Fit recently released a whitepaper, titled “The Future of Personalization,” which looks at how retailers can deliver a more personalized, one-on-one online shopping experience. Specifically, the paper looks at the retail landscape and the challenges retailers must overcome in order to achieve personalization, such as understanding the individual consumer, including their style, size and brand affinities as well as external and internal factors that affect their decision making.


Here’s what you’ll discover when reading
the full whitepaper:

  • Industry insights on the current state of online retail, including mobile’s impact on consumer shopping behavior
  • Methods on how to look beyond segments and identify each individual consumer
  • The benefits of using data, specifically when analyzed and applied in real-time
  • How to address privacy concerns when handling personal consumer information
  • What the confidence gap is and its relationship to return rates
  • Solutions that embody one-on-one personalization for today’s digitally-driven consumer

We invite you to take a closer look at the art and science behind customer personalization in online retail. Download the full whitepaper here to learn how you can empower your consumer.