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Decoding the Data Collective: Traveling Profiles

Did you know when shoppers register for True Fit on your site they become a traveling profile? Before we dive into the benefits for shoppers and you, as the retailer, let’s break down what a traveling profile is and how it works. 

What is a Traveling Profile?

When a shopper registers for True Fit on a retailer’s website, they are classified as a newly registered user for that specific retailer, and become a traveling profile for other retailers in the True Fit network. In other words, shoppers who register with True Fit on one site are now eligible to receive recommendations across all retailers who have implemented True Fit. 

This concept is also referred to as “the network effect” where one shopper’s registration enables them to receive recommendations across True Fit’s entire network of retailers and brands.passport_v1

How does it work?

Once a shopper adds items to their closet, our algorithms begin to learn about each shopper’s preferences. This added layer of individual preference data drives personalized recommendations to each shopper, offering them a selection of clothes and shoes that they are likely to love and keep.  

A traveling profile does not mean that the individual shopper’s data is transferred from one retailer to another. Rather, he or she is recognized by True Fit or their unique log in so that they receive relevant recommendations across sites.

What are the benefits of a shopper with a traveling profile?

The use of traveling profiles is beneficial to both the individual shopper and the retailer.


Traveling profiles make it easier for shoppers to find the right size that they will love and keep, especially when they are shopping with a new retailer for the first time. If a shopper is browsing at a store that is new to him or her, or is looking to purchase from a brand her or she is unfamiliar with, the shopper may be uncertain about which styles, fits, and sizes are right for them. Shoppers with an existing True Fit profile can now receive recommendations immediately without completing an additional registration.

Shoppers benefit from “the network effect” because True Fit’s algorithms are able to leverage information across True Fit-enabled retailers to improve the quality of recommendations for the individual shopper. Traveling profiles eliminate the need for shoppers to register on every True Fit site so that they save time and are also able to receive recommendations that are unique to the individual shopper’s preferences. 


Traveling profiles and “the network effect” enable retailers to offer recommendations to shoppers, regardless of whether the shopper registered on another site.

Retailers can power an enhanced experience to shoppers unknown to them by providing fit guidance automatically. In doing so, more shoppers are likely to convert and return as repeat buyers after receiving a personalized experience.

With traveling profiles, we reduce the uncertainty for shoppers when they purchase across brands and increase retailer confidence in recommending the best products. In doing so, retailers can anticipate increased conversion, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. On average, 26% of the checkouts True Fit drives will come from users that signed up at other sites, which means traveling profiles account for 26% of the 3-7% incremental revenue value add.

On average, 26% of the checkouts True Fit drives will come from users that signed up at other sites, which means traveling profiles account for 26% of the 3-7% incremental revenue value add.

Traveling profiles makes shopping cross-functionally at True Fit-enabled sites seamless for shoppers and retailers. Shoppers can be sure they will receive relevant experiences across all True Fit-enabled sites, and retailers can be sure their shoppers will have a positive shopping experience without any hassle. 

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