How to: Make a True Fit Profile

Follow this step-by-step guide to create a True Fit profile and start receiving personalized recommendations.

March 1, 2020


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“I was at first leary of True Fit and didn't think it would work but OMG!! It's amazing and everything I have purchased has been a perfect fit. Can't say enough good things about it!! I will be a loyal client." - Lane Bryant customer


Shopping online is often difficult due to the inability to try items on before purchasing. Some brand sizes run smaller or larger than others making it difficult to find the size in a particular style that you’re likely to love and keep.

Many of us have resorted to purchasing the same size in multiple sizes, in a trend known as size sampling, so that we can try the item on at home and return the one (or all) of the items that doesn’t fit well. But what if there was a way to shop with confidence and find the size in a particular item that you’ll love and keep, on the first try?

If you’ve ever shopped on a retailer site like Nordstrom, Kenneth Cole, JC Penney and more, then you’ve likely noticed the little red True Fit icon when you go to choose your size. Watch the video below and keep reading to learn how True Fit can be used as a personal style assistant so you can find the clothes and shoes that fit you well with greater ease.

Create a True Fit Profile

  • Click on the red ‘T’ icon next to the size options on the PDP.
  • Enter basic info about yourself so we can provide you with an accurate recommendation.
  • Add a ‘reference item’ so we can compare the item you are looking at with an item already in your closet. This helps us better understand you as an individual and how you like your clothes to fit.
  • Continue to the next step to receive your recommended size in the item you are viewing and an overall fit scale to see if the item fits snug, loose or True to You.

Accessing your True Fit Profile

  • Once you’ve completed the registration process, simply click ‘Save Profile’ in the bottom right corner of the registration pop-up.
  • Enter your email address and a password, then save your account.
  • To access your True Fit Profile in the future to add closet items or update your information, simply visit a True Fit-enabled retailer size and click on the ‘T’ icon on a product page to log in.
  • Once complete, you’ll start receiving personally relevant recommendations that are True to You.

Sign up for True Fit today on any of our retailer partner sites and begin receiving personalized recommendations, instantly.