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True Fit Brings Personalization to Bra Shopping

True Fit Brings Personalization to Bra Shopping

True Fit is excited to announce that we are bringing personal fit and size recommendations to consumers shopping online for bras! As a part of True Confidence, this new feature supports a full size range of bra sizes, including plus size across the US and sizing systems across Europe and Australia.

It is no secret that bras are one of the most difficult products for consumers to buy due to multi-dimensional sizing. Cup size, band size, and age of bra are key contributors to its overall fit and coverage. Through the power of True Confidence, customers no longer have to rely on the fitting room in order to find the best bra. True Fit’s AI-driven algorithms drive years of machine-learning of women’s body shapes and specific bra features to provide the most accurate product recommendations that will interact best with the customer’s unique body shape and preferences.

Jessica Murphy, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at True Fit said, “One of our core objectives at True Fit is to instill customer confidence. Since we know every woman’s body is unique, we are excited to help customers find bras that they will not only love, but ultimately keep. Bras can be one of the more difficult wardrobe pieces to shop for, since both band size and cup size are taken into consideration, on top of individual style preferences. By implementing fit recommendations for the full range of intimates’ sizes, True Fit is helping customers avoid those oh-so-common annoyances that come with ill-fitting bras.”

Retailers can celebrate the increased conversion and customer loyalty rates that coincide with personalized style, size, and fit recommendations. This easy and effective bra fitting experience allows retailers to remove many of the common annoyances associated with bra shopping and power their customer’s confidence and satisfaction!

Last year, we partnered with Lane Bryant to create a similar Bra Finder product to support their in-house Cacique intimates line - take a look here.