“Fashion is too personal to rely on basic data and averaging to predict a shopper's best fit. Fit guidance is served to shoppers in many forms today, from a standard size chart to crowd sizing. Our data and algorithms reveal so much detail about the unique dimensions and proportions of shoppers without that shopper taking out a measuring tape. Understanding their preferences based on what they wear and love gives us the opportunity to turn hesitation into confidence and ultimately trust."

    The world’s best approach
    to fit guidance

    Fit is a Trust Exercise:

    Give Shoppers Options

    • A Fit Tip:  True Fit’s proprietary universal size scale and deep garment learning positions us to serve fit guidance to 100% of your traffic without a single click for shoppers.

    • Social Proof: We back up our product based fit guidance with social proof so shoppers can understand how many buyers sized up, down or bought their usual size.

    • Personalized Fit Recommendation: Best in class 1:1 fit recommendations reinforced by the world’s largest fashion data platform. Our algorithms connect product fit with a unique shopper’s preferences

    True Fit has optimized three approaches to fit guidance through rigorous user testing to provide value to every shopper no matter where they are in their size and fit journey.

    True Fit UX
    True Fit's Connected Dataset

    Models Rooted in Robust Data, Driving Accuracy

    True Fit is a machine learning system that is driven by the apparel and footwear industry's largest connected dataset, the Fashion Genome. Our data is rooted in a deep understanding of garments, shoes, shoppers and their preferences, delivering best in class fit recommendations covering the industry's brands and styles.

    Consumer’s Choice

    True Fit members get seamless fit recommendations wherever they see True Fit across hundreds of retail sites. Their experience is about confidence and convenience. Welcome them to your site seamlessly with the high value experience they have come to appreciate and love.

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    Plus the power of connected data

    True Fit is the only partner that connects data from products across sites and shoppers to enable a unique view into shopper demographics, fit strategy and category, price and brand preferences.

    It’s not just about delivering best in class fit recommendations. We provide analytics, insights and data sets that inform marketing, merchandising, sourcing and product development.

    Analytics Dashboards


    Performance Analytics Dashboards show the value True Fit is providing to understand how you are building loyal customers with True Fit - faster.

    Network Insights Dashboards

    Network Insights

    Web-based Network Insight dashboards allow retailers to reach beyond their ‘own four walls’ to gain insights about their high-value shoppers.

    Learn more about your Shoppers

    Data Services and robust API’s that enrich your customer data and build connections with shoppers.

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