Shop for Others with Ease and Accuracy


December 1, 2020

Just in time for the holidays—Learn how consumers can shop for others with ease using True Fit. Shopping online can be difficult for consumers due to the inability to try items on or seeing how a product looks in person. Shopping online for family or friends is even more complicated.

Shop for Others” is a True Fit feature that enables consumers to use True Fit when shopping for other people. “Shop for Others” increases consumer confidence when making purchases for family and friends.  In turn, retailers can anticipate an increase in consumer’s average order value and basket size as consumers are able to receive style, size and fit recommendations for friends and families with ease. 


Shopping for Others

Consumers can find “Shop for Others” next to their own fit recommendations, right on the retailers website. A profile icon with a plus sign allows True Fit users to create and save additional adult profiles to their own profile, so that they can easily find the best size and fit for their family and friends.  

Now, consumers can find the best products for everyone on their shopping lists this holiday season using the “Shop for Others” feature.