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12 Days of Consumer Experience: Get More Consumers to Use True Fit By Promoting it Onsite

Is your brand looking to increase conversion rates, average order value, and overall consumer satisfaction? Creating a more seamless shopping experience for consumers will increase their confidence and enable them to find the best styles, sizes, and fits for their preferences wherever they shop with a retailer.

In order to optimize the shopping experience and drive relevance to every touchpoint of the consumer shopping journey, many retailers are promoting True Fit onsite to help drive consumers to adopt using True Fit.

How to Promote Onsite

Landing pages are a great place to educate consumers who are new to True Fit. Retailers use landing pages as a central location to demonstrate how consumers can shop with increased confidence and receive personally relevant style, size, and fit recommendations using True Fit. Landing pages offer a brief overview of True Fit, and communicate to the consumer how it will help find their best style, fit and size in just 60 seconds.

By implementing banners onsite, consumers can instantly learn more about True Fit and register for a profile right from a True Fit landing page. A consumer may not know about True Fit and how they benefit, so these promotional banners are beneficial to encourage adoption and, ultimately, to help consumers to find items that they will love and keep.

Onsite Marketing Overview  


In addition to landing pages, there are other marketing methods to promote True Fit such as banners, True Fit tiles within a grid page, and even a True Fit FAQ. These other marketing methods can point to a True Fit landing page.

Communicating to consumers the ability to find the best styles, fits, and sizes based on individual preferences when they shop on a retailer's site using True Fit will ensure that each consumer has an optimal shopping experience across all touchpoints. 
Want to learn about other True Fit features? Follow along the 12 Days of Consumer Experience blog series this month, where we’ll highlight a different benefit that you can use to optimize your consumer’s shopping experience this holiday season. 

Follow along this month as we highlight a new feature each day.