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12 Days of True Fit: Increase True Fit Adoption Through Email Promotion

Email marketing is still the most effective method to communicate deals, offers and new features to your consumers. Yet, in the digital age, consumers expect personally relevant communications that are unique to their individual preferences.

Through email promotion, retailers can guarantee an optimal shopping experience that leads to more satisfied consumers, increased loyalty and lower returns. Personalized communications increase the likelihood that consumers will purchase products that they will love and keep.

Power Hyperpersonalized Experiences with Email Promotion

Access to consumer, product, and transaction data is essential in powering uniquely personal shopping experiences that take the user’s preferences into account. 

Gaining a 360-degree view of each consumer enables retailers to better understand the wants and needs of the individual. This information can then power communications that are more likely to encourage consumers to convert, while also increasing average order value and total revenue. So, how can brands combine key data with personalized email marketing campaigns?

Retailers can effectively power personalized marketing messages, instantly, that lead to greater relevance in all communications for the individual consumer through the True Fit x Zaius partnership. This partnership grants retailers access to key consumer, product, and transaction insights that enables an optimal shopping experience that is powered by data-driven insights. 

On average, personalized email promotions increase revenue by as much as 5.7x more than non-personalized communications. By combining True Fit data with Zaius data, retailer’s can scale key insights to provide uniquely one-to-one personalized shopping experiences by infusing relevance into their marketing messages.

Improve Communication with Email Promotion

Email promotion is also useful in communicating True Fit to consumers and encouraging them to create profiles are effective in driving more consumers to your website and encouraging them to shop with increased confidence.

Retailers should send emails to their consumer base that promote the benefits of  using True Fit. These emails should explain what True Fit is, and encourage consumers to register so their shopping experience is hyper-personalized. By registering for True Fit, consumers will receive recommendations for products that are unique to their individual preferences and wants. Hyper-personalized recommendations ensure each consumer receives a one-to-one shopping experience.

Landing pages are also a crucial way to drive adoption. Retailers can directly link to a landing page on their site to register for True Fit in the emails, to direct the consumer journey. 

Having a central place for the consumer to learn about True Fit limits any confusion of the tool and offers a go-to place for more information. Through email promotion, retailers can be sure their consumers will be informed of True Fit and use it to make the online shopping experience easier.

Want to learn about other True Fit features? Follow along the 12 Days of Consumer Experience blog series this month, where we’ll highlight a different benefit that you can use to optimize your consumer’s shopping experience this holiday season. 

Follow along this month as we highlight a new feature each day.